When working with Linka you will find reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly biomass plants in a wide range of types and sizes - for different fuel types.

Hot water and high-pressure hot water plant

Primarily used for heating residents, schools, industrial premises, stables etc., but can also be used for process heat.

Steam plant

For process industry, where higher temperatures or pressures are required, e.g. within the food and beverage sectors, laundry services, etc.

Heating plant

For establishment or expansion of a joint heat supply in large or smaller cities.

Mobile plant

For heat provision in inaccessible areas, e.g. satellite towns, where no main supply has been established, or for industrial premises with no boiler room.


Hot water and high pressure hot water plant

Straw: 250 - 15,000 kW

Linka's fully automated straw plant is delivered with straw shredder and conveyor, customized according to boiler size and the customer's needs.

Wood chips: 250 - 15,000 kW

Linka’s chips system consists of a scraper unit, which supplies a constant feed of the pre-set amount of wood chips.

Wood pellets: 250 - 15,000 kW

Linka’s automated wood pellets system consists of a scraper unit or silo, from which the fuel is transported to combustion.

Steam plant

Straw: 400 - 15,000 kW

Linka’s straw system is here adjusted for producing steam. The result is a complete burnout of the straw.

Wood chips: 400 - 15,000 kW

Linka’s fully automated wood chips system is here adjusted for producing steam. The efficient combustion still ensures a complete burnout of the wood chips.

Wood pellets: 400 - 15,000 kW

The wood pellet system is here adjusted for producing steam, which makes it highly usable for process industry and likewise.

Heating plant

Straw: 1000 - 15,000 kW

A straw based heating plant is developed in various constructions customized to the customer's need. Usually a straw shredder or cutter is attached, depending on boiler size, etc.

Wood chips: 1000 - 15,000 kW

A wood chips based heating plant is also developed after the customer's needs, etc. Smaller systems usually consist of a scraper unit while larger plants use a crane.

Wood pellets: 1000 - 15,000 kW

Linka's fully automated wood pellet based heating plant is developed to ensure a high efficiency. You can use Linka as a supplier of the plant or as a turnkey contractor.

Mobile plant

Straw: 250 - 5,000 kW

Linka’s mobile plant is a complete, turnkey heating plant placed in containers. The straw shredder and conveyor is placed outside the main container.

Wood chips: 250 - 5,000 kW

Linka’s mobile, turnkey wood chips plant is delivered in container, with a fuel container including a scraper unit and automatic fuel transport.

Wood pellets: 250 - 5,000 kW

The mobile wood pellet plant is delivered as a turnkey plant in container. Here a silo is typically used for storage and transportation of the fuel.

Other types and sizes

Other types and sizes

Linka can also adjust our systems for other fuel types than the conventional types, e.g. grass seed, straw briquettes, corncobs and cherry stones.