New wood chips pit for Ølgod DH

We are currently working on a new wood chips pit in Ølgod. With this new project Ølgod is switching to combined fuel combustion.

Since 2013 Ølgod District Heating has been using wood pellets as fuel for their 2 MW Linka boiler. Soon they will be able to combine this with wood chips. By establishing a fuel pit Ølgod is ensured higher flexibility in fuel choice, which will benefit both the company and their 1600 consumers.

The fuel pit is built sunken with a hydraulic roof enabling easy access and refill. Work on the project will continue throughout the next few months and is expected to be done by the end of 2018.

In addition, the project also entails converting the control system for combined fuel combustion, with an easy switch between wood chips and pellets.