New project for Elitfönster

In Sweden, we are working on installation of a new heating plant at a window manufacturer, which will burn residual from their production. It will provide heating for their painting and production facilities.

Elitfönster AB has previously burned wood shavings from their production in their boiler plant, in addition to pelletizing some of it for resale.

With their new 3 MW Linka H boiler, Elitfönster now has a modern boiler system with a significantly higher efficiency than their existing boilers. The fuel consumption will be reduced, due to the better utilisation of the energy in the fuel, and an even larger amount of the wood shavings can be resold to other industries. The "secret" behind the high efficiency of the H boiler is Linka's patented combustion technology.

One of the advantages in the Linka boiler system is that industries like Elitfönster can feed their residual wood shavings directly into the boiler without having to pelletize it.

The boiler plant is the first of its kind in Sweden, however Linka has already installed heating plants at several Danish wood working facilities. The boiler at Elitfönster is expected to produce heat in September 2019.