New DH plant in Gelsted

Installation of a new wood fired heating plant is underway in Gelsted on Fyn. It will benefit consumers by avoiding increased heating costs.

Gelsted District Heating will soon reduce their carbon footprint significantly, by switching their use of natural gas for heating production to burning wood chips and shavings. Linka is the turnkey supplier of the new district heating plant, which will be ready for producing heat by the middle of September. It's located next to the large furniture company, Carl Hansen & Søn, who will supply the shavings and buy some of the heating in return. The switch to biomass will save consumers up to 4,000 DKK every year.

Inside the new building, we've installed a 2.4 MW Linka H boiler in a 5-pass design, for optimal utilisation of the fuel and to ensure high efficiencies. The moulded fuel pit can store 385 m3 wood chips and 75 m3 shavings. A chain conveyor will transport the shavings from Carl Hansen & Søn to the fuel pit. The boiler system also includes a multi cyclone and a bag filter, for cleaning the flue gas before it's emitted through a 25-meter high chimney.

The new heating plant will supply CO2 neutral heating for around 400 consumers along with Carl Hansen & Søn, and it will cover most of the heating consumption. The current gas boiler will be used as backup.