Quality and environmental policy

With 40 years of experience, Linka develops innovative biomass solutions of a very high quality. By implementing a quality and environmental management system we want to ensure the continued development of our products and solutions.

Linka Energy A/S strives to be a desired and trustworthy partner, known for delivering products and services that complies, or exceeds, the customers’ expectations. We want our activities to benefit high quality while considering our environmental surroundings.

Through dialogue with customers, suppliers and public authorities we will continuously evaluate and improve our quality- and environmental management system.

Quality policy

In collaboration with our customers, suppliers and stakeholders we ensure that our products and services are considered of high quality, and compliant with current legal requirements and legislations.

We will always develop our products and remain innovative, based on our interaction with customers and the experience we acquire.

Through collaboration with suppliers we will continuously optimize components purchased externally, to improve the overall quality of our products and services.

By considering our customers’ needs and expectations on quality and pricing we strive to ensure high customer satisfaction and long-lasting relations. We remain open to feedback from our customers to ensure a continuous improvement of our quality.

We want to encourage a quality-conscious and goal oriented company culture, by supporting personal and professional development within the organization. New employees are thoroughly introduced into our company culture, the company’s strategies, goals and our quality and environmental management system.

Planning and optimization of internal and external resources will contribute to an increased quality in our products and services, along with reducing costs and resources.

Certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001

Linka Energy's Quality- and Environmental Management System is certified according to the ISO standards 9001 and 14001. This is your guarantee that we continuously optimize our processes to improve the quality in our solutions, as well as reduce any negative impact on the environment.

Environmental policy

Linka Energy considers wants to encourage the use of renewable energy, and we always consider how our activities, products and services impact the environment.

We make sure that our production and installation of biomass plants complies with requirements from authorities and stakeholders, as well as environmental legislations, in order to protect our global environment. We seek to achieve this by developing products with low energy consumption and maximum energy output based on the quality of the fuel. By utilizing the bio fuel optimally we help to reduce unnecessary waste.

Our plants are developed to reduce the amount of dust, and we continue to optimize the emission values to preserve the impact on the environment. We focus on further developing and optimizing our plants, in favor of the environment as well as our customers.

In addition we aim to reduce the environmental impact, e.g. the energy consumption, from our own facilities and activities. This includes focusing on renewable resources by recycling as much material as possible and only using authorized and qualified partners in regards to waste management and disposal. We continuously work to prevent pollution and avoid noise- and air nuisance for our neighbors.

Linka Energy promotes circular economy where the biomass is grown locally and used to produce energy, and where the ashes are recycled when growing new biomass.

Want to know more about our quality and environmental management?

Our highly qualified team is ready to advice you on our solutions developed in compliance with the highest quality standards and in consideration to our environment.

Karsten Madsen